"Here amid these picturesque hills our forefathers and foremothers toiled for the sake of goodly heritage. We should do no less."

Daniel Glazier Restoration Process

We were able to secure a matching construction grant from the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office / Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) for the necessary work at the tavern. The grant work was completed in March of 2013 at a total cost of $81,900 with the Willington Historical Society responsible for $40,950 of that total.

Attic prior to restorationThis is the attic prior to restoration attic boards being replacedAttic boards being replaced Attic beams before installNew support planks before installation attic beams being installedNew laminated beams being installed in attic
Attic BracingAttic and roof support beams being installed Southside attic support beams A view of the southside support beams Attic Side support beams Laminated braces installed in attic Junction of new installed beamsJunction of newly installed support beams

The attic is not often seen not does one hear about it. But this attic is holding up a nearly 200 year old hip roof and its old support beams were in desperate need of some upgading.